These are the Days of Your Negro Lives

Finally, there is a reason for Black Lives Matter to exist, and it’s to stop the unnecessary and completely unwarranted black-on-black violence over at Nando’s. A nigger can’t drink his grape juice and eat his fried chicken in peace no more. The fuck is wrong with this world?!

Apparently, a bananarama mama got a craving for some chicken dumb-sticks and went over with other ratchet pals Bon’Quisha, Mo’Nique and Fo’Landra to the fine eatery. They had planned a quiet afternoon in the ghetto; as quiet as negro hoes can be, of course. That was until Racquel saw her ex with a new cellulite-laden ebony specimen and lost her few remaining marbles. What ensued was worse than the type of things that go down behind closed doors at the ghetto. It’s a good thing Racquel works as a care worker and can keep her shit together as she only limited herself to screaming, punching and kicking the man in the chest, picking up and throwing glasses on the table.We can’t imagine what would have happened otherwise.

DISCLAIMER:No fried chicken was wasted during the altercation.


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