When you’re thinking out of your ass, bad things are gonna happen

As if the collective human society is not busy enough with the anal thoughts, desires, grievances and what-not of the butt fairy terrorists of the LGBT-LMNOP community – now even scientists got sucked in too (we hope to God, only metaphorically). Apparently, in their quest to determine why some blokes like to get rammed in their exit holes and others – to stuff their peckers in the sewage pipes of other folk – “scientists” were looking for a genetic component to these unnatural, unhealthy and ungodly drives. You know, ’cause genetics determines EVERY-thing and it’s nature over nurture…Oh wait..

Anywho, what they found, of course, was not what they expected, but that’s the thing with pederasty – you go places you’re not supposed to, you’re gonna get your, eeerrrrr, hands dirty. In a nutshell, their report reads: “that ‘bottoms’ were more likely to be left-handed and have older brothers, while ‘tops’ were more likely to be right-handed and have younger sisters.” Which, alongside the atrocious statistics of childhood abuse and rape by a member of the same sex given by LGBT groups, really reads as follows:

Butt fairies who got their little asses pounded by an older male as kids grow up to be little faggots, who continue to take it up the hoo-ha.

as opposed to

Butt fairies, who raped a smaller girl or boy (namely sibling) when they were young and naughty, grow up to be dominant sadists, who continue getting off on the feeling of power and humiliation over their partner.

Jeez, we could’ve saved you a few thousand quid and told you the findings of this so-called “research” without sending “scientists” balls-deep in the butt grievances of emotionally and psychologically damaged delinquents.


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