Bros before hoes, sort of

You gotta appreciate the biggest gang in the world known deceitfully as a religion. Yeah, Islam may be a lot of things, but religion ain’t one of them. Other than that, joining the cult sure comes with lots of perks. Like, other perpetually sexually frustrated retarded sand monkeys having your back (sometimes literally apart from figuratively, but, hey, we all have to make sacrifices sometimes).

In today’s prime example of human retardation we have a metaphorical case of the gang-mentality¬† ‘bros before hoes’ motto. Except, the ‘hoe’ was the Camel Stuffer’s own sister, who got sold into prostitution several times after she turned 12 by her own relatives. The nerve of that child! To allow herself to get kidnapped, trafficked and raped and ruin the family’s honor like that! Good thing brother dearest stepped up and fixed things like a ‘good Muslim’ (haha, get it?)


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