Women:0 – Logic:1

In a shocking new turn of events the bat-shit crazy broad, who swung at a bouncer in Liverpool and took a punch like Rhianna in her happier Chris Brown days, has come out on Twitter as a model and a victim of terrible wrongdoing. Gulp, gulp. We did NOT see that one coming (edit: we’re just messing with ya. Yeah, we did!). The deluded blob is relying on the 69th Amendment – her right to claim ‘manhandling’ as something that exists every time little Miss Spoilt doesn’t get her way. In this case, she says it was him who “started the altercation, having dragged her out of the club by the leg when she got up and danced on a table“. So, she was just defending her drunken honor to act like every bit the public nuisance that she was and assaulting a man, who was just doing his job, was part of it. Sure, honey, in Snowflakeville – that may make sense, but in the real world when you act like a crazy menstrual sack of shit – You’re Gonna Have a Bad Time.

Equality is a bitch, ladies. Just like you are. Get used to it!


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