In a society, where young women have a lot of free time on their hands and too much entitlement, it’s pretty much a matter of time before things go from moronic to downright absurd and disturbing….Which they have.

Apparently, designer vagina surgeries are now a thing just like plucking your brows or bleaching your asshole. But, check this out – the new ‘fashion craze’ is wearing these ultra hip camel toe underpants, so when you put on a pair of tight leggings – your poo nay nay looks all tight and tucked in. You know – the way it wouldn’t otherwise look after years of self-abuse with natural plastic dildos and the dickload of random dudes. Anyway, it’s what you look on the outside that matters, so as long as you can pull off this scam and trick a poor bloke into buying you a drink and taking you back to his place – it’s not like he’s gonna pass on those flappy granny lips, is he? Besides, you can always use post-coital nonconsent if he hurts your little feelings by refusing to stick his wiener inside your cum dumpster and have his ass jailed. Ah, you gotta love the modern civilized world! Such endless possibilities!

When you can’t give up walking around flapping your vajayjay in people’s faces and it’s resembling something shot and killed last year – fake camel-toe underpants come to the rescue!


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