Spot the Differences

Gotcha! There aren’t any.

On the left is a genitally-mutilated goat substitute who’s had her snatch all chopped and stitched up ’cause fucking a woman in the vajayjay is just gross and Muslim sand niggers are better than that.

On the right is a genitally-mutilated excuse for a human being who’s had his peepee chopped off and a brand new sparkly clean twat fashioned out of the sad remains of what used to be a normal dick ’cause living as his natural, biologically-assigned gender is just gross and mentally-retarded SJW/libertarians/free-spirits/nutcases are better than that.

Maybe the world ‘is closing in’ after all. Who would’ve thought that there are so many similarities between a ninja and a drag queen!? You look at these two and you can calculate the weekly expenses in adult diapers that are headed their way. We’re sure Sasha Grey will have something to say about this…The thing their plumbers must have seen. The horror!


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