Logic and common sense take another serious hit

The Huffington Post is a constant source of verbal diarrhea spewed by vile, man-hating, entitled, vicious feminists, which makes it a constant source of brain farts too, so we’re in luck!

In one of their latest unfortunate attempts at writing a coherent journalistic piece, they managed to crap out the 5 Things No One Ever Told Me Would Destroy My Marriage masterpiece. It’s disheartening, to say the least, when you click on a link with hopeful enthusiasm, thinking you’ll learn something of real value. Instead, you discover that (shockingly!), the following things are NOT good for a relationship:

  • Judgement
  • Being defensive
  • Being condescending
  • Rebuffing your partner
  • Focusing on the negative

Who would have guessed?! It’s not like it’s self-evident that acting like a bitch out of hell, criticizing, demanding, judging, putting your partner down and being a generally nasty entitled cunt will NOT get you what you want.

But, hey, don’t take our word for and continue to rub your clits to the smut on HBO that every feminist wets herself when viewing like Whores in the City with Sarah Jessica HorseFace Parker and Kim STD-Infested Cattrall or Lena I-look-like-something-just-butchered-for-Ramadan DunHAM and the new show Cunts with 3 barely-can-call-themselves women and one poorly-disguised tranny. After all, it’s those shows that teach women that they can get away with anything and the more they’re abused – the more the guy loves them..It’s okay, though. When feminists want the abuse – it’s a spit in the face of the evil Western patriarchy! You know – the one that got them equal voting rights and the ability to pick a man clean off of everything he owns and has earned in a divorce settlement all for the low cost of having opened their legs for a specified amount of time during the sham of a marriage. Girl Power!

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