Could it be a ray of hope(lessness)?

In a never-before-seen turn of events in the United Kingdom Caliphate a modern-era Einstein sat down, did the math and found a striking correlation between the:

  • Increasing  number of foreign (and by that we mean, of course, muslim and coloured) doctors, midwives and nurses who DON’T speak or understand English
  • Increasing number of rapes/groping/sexual harassment of female patients
  • Increasing number of medical errors leading to patient deaths
  • Increasing number of botched operations
  • Increasing complains about doctor/nurse hygiene due to refusal of staff to wash hands/roll up sleeves out of fear they will expose themselves and offend Allah
  • Increasing number of foreign doctors being struck off due to ‘serious mistakes’

It takes a proficient level of idiocy to fail to spot the teeny tiny wee pattern, but for the sake of the argument, let’s jump on the bandwagon of tolerant mental retardation, and take that all of these errors were due to ‘misunderstandings’ or a failure to understand ‘subtle cultural differences’, as researchers from the University of York will have us believe.

We get it, language barrier can be a real bitch. And those ‘subtle’ cultural differences. Poor doctor Pork Haram Salam is sitting peacefully in his office when a shameless whore is referred to him for standard examination of her boobies or coochie. She walks in and starts undressing herself. What’s a doctor gotta do? Clearly, molest the hell out of her.It’s okay though…Where he comes from – when women and goats protest to male advances, it only means they want the D.


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