Spare the quran, save the child

There is no real need for bashing Islam these days – the self-classified as a religion Mental Disorder is doing an awesome job at compromising itself on its own. With so many uplifting news stories on slayings, bombings, rapes, assaults, killings, stonings and what not – we can see why so many people have taken a liking to it.

Still, though…next time a poor and confused SJW soul starts spewing verbal diarrhea that ‘we are all the same’, think back to what makes civilized parents proud of their offspring. A few things come to mind: respectful behavior, good grades, cleanliness and tidiness, helping others. Funny thing how the list omits such child-friendly activities like animal rape and infidel beheading- two of the cornerstones of Islam.

We’re all for encouraging kids to pursue their interests and give their hobbies 110%, but this is a bit extreme. Way to make your parents proud, kids.

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