Ratchet problems

Feminism gets hit hard these days by the short-comings of its own ferociously loyal cult of permanently frustrated women. First, the pay gap myth was debunked, then more and more women started fiercely turning away from feminism man-bashing and now, even after the bar has been lowered to the point, where there are no discernible criteria as to who can pursue a career in the STEM field – women in general and black hoes in particular still can’t make it as scientists or engineers. That is, women still engineer the shit out of excuses to make a guy’s life miserable and suck on his bank account harder than Sasha Grey did in the peak of her career, but when it comes to actual science – they can’t even base their purchase of a toaster on a quality other than ‘it looks good next to our Pinterest-inspired lunch board’. Concepts like functionality, power and utility are lost on them.

Now, they’re going even deeper in a feeble attempt at making yet another excuse to justify the evident lack of black women in the STEM field. According to a study team in Mexico – quesadillas taste better when black women are not failing science, but (grasp) science is failing them! Of course, we can’t blame the mexicans for overlooking factors, such as the fact that black women have a lot of ghetto stuff on their plate to be interested in science. When they’re not busy with vising their baby daddy Leshon Dewayne in prison, naming their kids Shaquanda, Moneyne and Chairish, they’re running around taking dicks like a thief in the night and doing other general ratchet hoe stuff, so who could blame them.


Queen Laqueefa, Ambeyonce and Lupita Dongo on their quest to cure ashy skin.


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