Multi-culturalism at its finest

It hasn’t even been a full two years since a whole bunch of integrated ragheads went on a white children raping binge in Rotterham and already the UK is reaping more fruits of its import of friendly Devil worshipers with the highest level of personal hygiene.

During a stroll at the British Arabic town of South Shields, British-born Muslim-imported Rezzas Abdulla stopped and pondered what would brighten his day. There were so many options (albeit most of them still illegal in those parts of the UK that are still not regulated by Sharia Law): rape of white women, rape of little white boys, rape of little white girls, stoning to death of people from a different religion, burning and destroying churches and generally getting offended by everything that the Intolerance Manual (turban? qurban? quran?) tells ’em to. But he decided to play it safe, so he went with spitting in the face of a 9-month old baby while shouting that ‘white people shouldn’t breed’. An interesting choice of words, but given his goat-fucking background – we’ll let that one slide.

The alleged racially-motivated attack left the baby covered in saliva and her mother shocked, which is awful, although in the interest of full disclosure – they could’ve ended being covered in something far worse…


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