The True Face of Feminism

Feminists may hide behind slogans that they’re all for ‘equality’ but the ugly truth comes out, sooner or later, just like their acne and morbid obesity. Things have always hit the shit fan first in central Europe, so it’s no wonder the first-ever shoe ad openly promoting violence towards men (correction, white men) comes from a Danish firm. The artsy piece of crap was supposed to ‘make a statement’ about the plight of women in Western society, but other than making a statement about the rude awakening that’s to follow when these entitled cunts raise their hands against their exotic, Muslim stuffers- there’s really nothing interesting to see here.

Oh, and on a completely separate subject – this Facebook group houses a bunch of bitches from hell that brag about physically assaulting their boyfriends and husbands. Yay, girl power! But no, feminists really are delightful creatures…


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