Meanwhile in Snowflake-ville

The British Medical Association is the latest institution to crack under the terrorism of trans people and officially change the term ‘expectant mothers’ to ‘pregnant people’. The reason for this slight against biology? To keep any emotionally disturbed individuals from getting offended.

Western society has been resembling a kindergarten for the feeble minded for some time now, but this one really takes the cake. And no matter the number of demented YouTube videos that SJWs post to try and defend their retarded arguments of ‘some women don’t have periods’ – arguing with biology is like arguing with physics. Sadly, we don’t see more of these ridiculous individuals mistakes of Nature jump off buildings in a brave attempt to disagree with the principle of smashing like a pancake on the concrete below. Something to think about, snowflakes – after all, who dares tell you that you can’t fly?! Give it a go. The sky’s the limit!


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