Female Logic Claims More Victims

Thousands of women in Washington and 2 million worldwide marched in solidarity after Trump’s inauguration. They spewed hate while chanting that ‘love trumps hate’, bragged about their abortion murder rights and threatened anyone who disagreed with them, but when asked what they marched for – were unable to give a coherent, rational answer. A woman not able to articulate what she wants. Shocking…

At least they had all agreed on sporting a bunch of fuzzy, retarded pink hats that were knitted specifically for the occasion, so some degree of socially-beneficial efforts were put in this grand endeavor. Now, if these permanently frustrated feminists can put knitting on their agenda – they won’t need Pajama Mamma Linda Sarsour to organize events that will get her beheaded in any of the countries that practice her preferred Shariah law. Seems like these days she can also put her skills to better use – like fighting for the rights of goats in Pakistan or something.



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