I’m here, I’m queer, I got used to it.

The Donald hasn’t been in office for one full day and America is already drowning in the tears of butt-hurt feminists and fairies. While the latter may have other reasons for their persistent incontinence problems, the biggest win of the outcome of these Elections was that it got to put a First *Lady* in the White House again. Of course, this was not at all liked by the tranny that kept Barack Hussein company throughout his presidency.


Michael was strong to hold his ground while the pissed off ladies from the international march of ‘nasty women’ (hey, at least they got the name right) advanced to Washington to knit their way into the White House to show us that Love Trumps Hate. Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. If they had used half the time they repeat mindless gibberish to take up a culinary class or start taking care of their appearance, perhaps they wouldn’t be so sexually frustrated from constantly lacking male attention – the root of all their problems. In the mean time, though, it was all up to Michael to show the bottled up feelings of minorities across America:


Given that this is not the first time Michael has tried to channel his inner Medusa and turn an innocent woman into stone (his first unsuspecting victim was Carla Bruni), we can’t help but wonder where all the tolerance, acceptance and love of trans, queer and other LGBT scum is:


How come SHE doesn’t have an Adam’s apple?!

And now, predictably, dykes are jumping at the opportunity to make everything about them again. So we can expect all international marches ‘in solidarity’ with American women using Trump’s inauguration to end up in one global all-you-can-eat fish taco buffet, which will, hopefully, keep them quiet and content for a while.Their appropriately-themed ‘pussyhats’ say it all.

Farewell, Michael, the ruggedness you brought to the White House was truly something!


Little Michael Obama leaving the building, ladies and gentlemen.


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