Black Lives Matter Except in Bristol

An unspeakable act of unimaginable police brutality occurred against an *silence in the audience* innocent black man, who was close to his home in Bristol. The man was allegedly walking his pooch, although we can be sure that was a cover as black people kill their kids routinely let alone keep pets. Sources are yet to confirm if the nigger was coming back from his drug dealing route around the once-pristine English town or had been loitering with others of his kind near the curry dens of Asian Pakis and other ragheads to pick up fat white chicks with low self-esteem.

Apparently, a (surprise, surprise) female officer tasered Mr. Adunbi a little bit and now the collective English society will end up paying reparations to his kind for years to come. These things are to be expected when you let women run loose in the force or general places other than the kitchen, but the incident is made all the funnier due to the fact that the hobo was the founder of the Independent Advisory Group between police and Bristol’s black community. Tisk, tisk. Or in the language of his ancestors – ‘That shit is wack”


The wrongly tasered Mr. Adunbi is the respectable gentleman with the matted dreadlocks


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